Should I Call The Plumber?

Pipes and drains are like the veins for your home. Often times, we don't realize how much we rely on them until they stop working. When that happens, you might be wondering if it's better to try to fix the problem yourself or call the plumber:

You Should Call Your Plumber If:

The Toilet Is Clogged

While a plunger might do for small jobs, it is likely that there is a bigger issue. You don't want to risk making the issue more extensive, especially if you're not very technically or mechanically inclined.

The Sink Won't Drain

There are some solutions at the hardware store, but mainly they are in chemical form. The problem with this is that certain plumbing fixtures can be damaged from these drain cleaning chemicals. To avoid permanent problems, call in a plumber to assess the damage and make the necessary repairs.

Your Pipes Are Frozen

In the winter, pipes can freeze if they aren't properly winterized. Sometimes, even with proper maintenance, defective pipes can have weaknesses that are exposed when the temperature drops. This isn't something you want to try to fix yourself. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Very few people are experts in plumbing, so let those who are take a look and recommend a positive course of action.

The Appliance Is New

Plumbers must install new elements such as sinks into your home. It is important that you adhere to the regulations because a malfunctioning plumbing system can not only be costly and inconvenient, but also dangerous.


Avoid flushing a large amount of tissues at one time — it can stop up the entire system. If you have young children around, teach them the importance of keeping things out of the toilet that don't belong there.

Also, many people don't know that paper towels, Q-tips, cotton balls and disposable diapers can seriously clog the system.

Don't dump grease down the kitchen sink - it can congeal and create a blockage.

It is likely that you will encounter some kind of plumbing issue in your adult life. Whether it has to do with the sink, the bathtub, the toilet, or something else, knowing when to save your pride and call the plumber is vitally important. A professional plumber can assess the damage, make repairs, and educate you on how to prevent the issue in the future. Let the pros do what they've trained for years to do and enjoy your peace of mind.