Four Pitfalls To Avoid When You’re Spraying Deodorizer Into Your Air Ducts

Even if there's no major dust or mold buildup in your air ducts, small and out of reach clusters of bacteria in them can still create a putrid smell. Fortunately, if you want to overpower a bad smell and have your air ducts only propagate a good smell, there are many specialized air duct deodorizers out there that come in spray cans.

To make sure your air duct deodorizing job is effective and doesn't lead to more problems, learn to avoid these four pitfalls:

Not Keeping Your Spray Can's Bottom Parallel To The Duct's Floor

When you point your spray can into your open air duct in preparation for spraying, pay special attention to two things. First, make sure you're holding the spray can as close to the center of the duct as you can manage. Second, make sure that the bottom of the spray can is completely parallel with the air duct's floor.

If you don't pay attention to either of these things, a lot of the cleaning chemicals you spray will languish on the air duct sides immediately in front of you. Since an air duct deodorizer only really works if it can spread throughout the entire system, this isn't ideal.

Removing Any Ducts Before You Start Working

Both an unsteady spray can and a partially dismantled air duct system will ruin your deodorizer's effectiveness. In the case of a partially dismantled air duct system, this is because the deodorizer will have no way to circulate through an intact duct on the other side of a removed component.

Spraying Too Much At Once Into The System

Only so much of your deodorizer can fit through a limited space before it starts sticking to the walls, ceiling, and floor out of necessity. To maximize the amount of deodorizer that will circulate throughout your whole air duct system after you spray it, only use your spray can in short bursts. While you don't need to pause for an extraordinarily long amount of time, pausing for a few seconds at least is key.

Not Completely Ridding The Duct Of Moisture

Even a very small amount of moisture in one part of your air duct system can completely ruin your deodorizer's final smell. So before you start working, it's wise to walk under the parts of the air duct system that are readily visible to you and look for cracks that water could've infiltrated through. If you see one, remove that part of the duct and start looking for moisture.

You'll be surprised by how much of a difference your air duct system makes when it has a good odor emanating from it. So while paving the way for an air duct deodorizing session isn't the easiest work in the world, there's a very good chance that it'll all be worth it in the end. To learn more, contact a company like Crystal Coast Heating & Air LLC.