How To Survive The Summer While Pregnant

The summer months can be difficult for anyone to endure.  Add to that the discomforts of pregnancy and you could be feeling a whole lot worse!  Plan ahead for the heat and humidity to make sure that pregnancy "glow" isn't just because you're breaking a sweat!

Air Conditioning is Your Best Friend

Keeping your AC in good repair is a must to escaping the elements in the summer.  It will also save you time and money on repairs, so you can focus on getting ready for your new little one.  Before the heat sets in, as well as throughout the summer, follow these few guidelines.

  • Get a yearly cleaning for your AC system before the hot season starts.  Just as your heating system should be checked in the fall, your AC should have an annual checkup as well.
  • Replace the air filter monthly.  If you have an air filter that can simply be cleaned, make sure to do so monthly.  This will keep your air conditioning system from being overworked.
  • Repair any air leaks.  You can check for leaks by lighting incense near duct connections, or where the AC frame meets the window for window-mounted units.  If the smoke from the incense is blown around the room, there is a leak.  Repair this by taping over the leak with duct mastic tape for central AC.  Window-mounted units need foam taped in between the unit and the wall to best repair this issue.
  • Use a timer or programmable thermostat to set your air conditioning to higher temperatures when you are not at home.  This will save you money on the cost of cooling.
  • Keeping blinds closed during the day, especially on south-facing windows, will help keep the temperatures low in the house to avoid overworking your AC.

If your cooling system doesn't seem to be working properly, make sure to contact a business like Christian Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to get it checked out before a small problem becomes a larger issue that could knock out your AC for good.

Keep Cool Away From Home

Keeping a low-cost "keep cool kit" with you when you're out and about can be a lifesaver for pregnant women!  Consider some of these items to help.

  • A thermos filled with pebbled ice.  Easy to eat, convenient to use on your forehead if needed, pebbled ice is the best option to keep you nice and cool.  And the thermos will keep it from melting right away. 
  • A hand-held fan.  There are many options for these.  Some even spritz water on your face at the same time.
  • Your favorite sports drink.  Dehydration is a common problem in pregnancy, so make sure you always have a drink on hand.
  • Flip-flops.  You may not be able to tie your own shoes at this point anyway, so a pair of flip-flops is perfect to slide on your feet for a day out.  They'll also keep your feet cool and comfortable if they've been swollen!