Air Conditioning Mistakes That Are Easier To Make Than You Think

Air conditioning is one of the most widely used comfort appliances. It makes sense, therefore, that you may assume you know everything there is to know about how to use them efficiently. Unfortunately, there are some air conditioning mistakes that you can easily make without thinking. Here are four examples of such mistakes:

Hiding the Air Conditioner

Most air conditioners may not win first prize on looks, but this doesn't mean that you should hide them. The air conditioner needs to be installed in an airy and open place where it can enjoy maximum air circulation. The practice of using house plants to hide air conditioners isn't good, because it makes the unit work harder to circulate the air.

Installing an Oversized Unit

An air conditioner should be sized to suit your house's size. Installing an oversized system will not cool or heat your house any faster. In fact, there are several disadvantages of oversizing your air conditioning system. Here is a couple of examples of these disadvantages:

  • Increased rate of wear and tear – an oversized unit doesn't run for long, because it takes a short time to hit the thermostat setting. Unfortunately, frequent start-ups and shut-downs wear down the units faster than they should.
  • Inadequate dehumidification – this happens because the oversized air conditioner isn't likely to run for a long enough time to take the moisture out of the air.

Heating the Thermostat

Nobody in his or her right mind would hold up a flame to an air conditioner and heat up the thermostat, but that isn't the only way of heating up the thermostat. Many electrical items in your house are possible heat sources, and placing them near the thermostat heats them up. Innocuous appliances such as television and stereo sets can drive up the temperature and overwork the air conditioner so ensure they aren't set near the thermostat.

Using the Wrong Fans

Using ceiling fans to supplement your air conditioner's work is a great idea, but only if you are using the right fans. This is especially true if the fans are pushing air downwards to create a cooling (wind-chill) effect. However, if you are using exhaust fans, such as those used in the bathroom, then you are making your air conditioner work harder than it should. This is because such fans push out the air-conditioned air, which means fresh air has to be heated up again. Limit the use of such exhaust fans.

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