Three Simple Steps That Can Extend Your A/C Unit’s Life

Having your air conditioner serviced annually -- typically at the start of the season that you'll use it regularly -- can help to keep the unit running in optimal shape and avoid any unexpected breakdowns that will cause you and your family to suffer in the heat. During your day-to-day usage of the air conditioner, you can take a variety of steps to limit unnecessary wear and tear on the unit and reduce the likelihood of it needing to be repaired. Extending the life of your A/C is something with which every homeowner should be acquainted; here are three ways to accomplish this goal.

Allow The Temperature To Rise When The House Is Empty

Arguably the simplest way to extend the life of your air conditioner is to avoid having it run around the clock. While the idea of a cool, refreshing home is certainly appealing, there's little value in having your home ice cold while it's empty during the day. Take some time to familiarize yourself with your thermostat and set it so the interior temperature of your home rises during the day. Then, you can have the unit come back on in the late afternoon so your house is cool when you arrive home from work. This simple step will keep the unit from running unnecessarily, which can prevent it from wearing out prematurely.

Don't Allow Heat Into Your Home

Where possible, it's best to avoid introducing heat into your home. Added heat will force the A/C to have to run longer to drop the temperature, which puts undue wear on the unit. Avoid using your dryer and your stove as much as possible; a clothes line and cooking on the BBQ are effective ways to dry your clothing and cook. Additionally, keep your window curtains drawn to avoid heat entering your home via the windows and, if you find that the sunlight is still entering through your curtains, consider installing insulated curtains.

Be Diligent About Changing Your Filter

Changing the air filter on your air conditioning is an important maintenance task that allows your home to cool more quickly, which can give the A/C some much-needed rest. The schedule for changing the filter depends on a couple variables. Generally, it's acceptable to change it every three months, but if you live in a home with pets that shed their fur, every two months is ideal. The process of changing the filter takes only a minute and is easy to accomplish through following the instructions on the package or in your air conditioner manual.

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