Heating Your Home Without Breaking The Bank

Saving money on your heating bill can be as simple as taking on some basic home maintenance tasks. Not only are many of them affordable, but their impact will be more than sufficient to offset the cost of implementing the fix. From reducing drafts in your home to improving the efficiency of your central heating unit, you'll cut costs with a minimal cash outlay.

Locating the Drafts

There are a few key locations that you need to focus on to eliminate heat loss in your home, and while everyone knows about doors and windows there are a few that are less likely to be addressed. Your home's power outlets are just a clear passage for cold air to penetrate into your home from the attic, crawlspace, basement or exterior wall. Further, while windows are on your mind, remember that it's not just the window itself that can cause heat loss.

Resolving drafty power outlets only takes a small fix using a foam cut out available at most hardware stores. The foam is cut to the shape and dimension of a standard household outlet, creating a barrier and blocking air flow. Meanwhile, the same concept should be applied to your window frames, back filling the gap between the frame and the stud with expanding foam to create a thermal break. You may need to remove some molding to get at that gap, but the time and expense will be well worth it in the long run.

Addressing Your HVAC Woes

Any discussion of your heating costs needs to involve your HVAC system, as this will be the primary source of the expense. As a result, basic maintenance should include regular inspections of your furnace and your duct lines. The harder your furnace works to maintain your desired temperature the more you'll spend on the luxury.

Worn or aging parts should be replaced, but without a professional it's hard to know what actually needs it and what is normal wear. Further, inspecting your air ducts will often locate holes, gaps or other points where warm air is being lost. Sealing these gaps and replacing old parts will ensure that you're not paying more for heat you're not benefiting from.

You shouldn't be experiencing a feeling of dread each time you open a winter electric bill. Dealing with maintenance issues and locating the source of your heat loss will ensure that you're not paying to heat your house twice. Better still, you'll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing just what state your HVAC system is actually in. Contact professionals, such as Ricks Repair Service, for further assistance.