Basic Tips For Improving Your Water Heater’s Performance

A home's water heater is often the most energy intensive plumbing appliance in the house. Not surprisingly, budget-conscious homeowners may want to know simple ways that they can improve the performance of their water heater so that they can lower their overall energy expenses.

Have The Water Heater Professionally Insulated

You are likely aware of the benefits of having a well-insulated home, but you might be overlooking the benefits that insulation can provide your water heater. This is especially true if you have placed your water heater in the basement or another cool, drafty area of the house. By adding insulation to the exterior of the water heater, you can dramatically reduce the amount of heat that is lost to convective cooling, which will reduce the overall energy needs of the water heater.

However, you should never install this insulation without professional help. If you apply the insulation incorrectly, you may block the water heater's airflow, which can lead to overheating. Additionally, insulation that comes into contact with the extremely hot parts of the water heater may be more likely to ignite. By hiring a professional water heater service technician, you will avoid this risk as these individuals have the expertise to be able to safely make this upgrade to your water heater.

Put A Clock In The Bathroom

One of the easiest ways of reducing the energy costs of your water heater is to simply use less hot water. Showering can be one of the most water-intensive activities that you do, and it can put tremendous strain on the water heater. To help you gradually reduce the amount of time it takes for you to shower, it may be wise to place a clock in the bathroom. By positioning it so that you can see it while you are showering, you can easily know how long your shower has been. This will help you to develop the habit of taking short and efficient showers.

Keep The Water Heater Clean

Sediment and mineral deposits can dramatically reduce the ability of your water heater to sufficiently warm the water. In addition to making your system more likely to run out of hot water when you are using it, this can cause the energy needs of your water heater to dramatically increase. Avoiding this problem will require you to have your water heater cleaned by a professionally every few years or whenever you notice that the system has started to lose efficiency.

In addition to these professional cleanings, you also need to prevent dust from accumulating on or around the unit. This dust will block the airflow and damage any motors, which makes dusting the water heater each month a worthwhile task to undertake.