3 Electrical Repairs To Make In The New Year

As we head into the new year, everybody and their mom is making new years resolutions-- primarily to do things like lose a few pounds and eat healthier. And although taking good care of your body and personal health are good for you, there are some other resolutions you can make that are just as beneficial-- like taking care of some electrical repairs on your home. So, what kinds of electrical repairs should you make on your house as we head into the new year? Let's take a closer look!

1. Change Out Your Lightbulbs

Did you know that if your lightbulbs aren't energy efficient that you may be practically throwing money out the window every time you turn on the lights? If you can't remember the last time that you switched out your lightbulbs, then your lightbulbs may actually be increasing your electrical bill. Try switching to either lighting emitting deode (LED) bulbs or compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL). Both of these types of lightbulbs are better for the environment and your wallet! 

2. Tamper Resistant Outlets

If you have little ones, make sure that you are taking care of their safety by switching your original outlets to tamper resistant outlets. These types of outlets make it hard-- if not impossible-- for little ones to stick things that can cause electrical shock into them. Plus, they are easy to install! All you have to do is detach your original outlets and replace them with the tamper resistant ones. 

3. Install GCFI Outlets In Kitchen

If your house was built more than a few decades ago, you may notice that you when you run more than one kitchen appliance at a time, your power may go out or you may have to reset your circuit breaker. GCFI outlets are designed to handle more electrical power so that you can run all sorts of kitchen appliances at once without having to run into electrical repair issues. Although these outlet are easy to install, if you have never done it before, you may want to consider calling an electrician to come help you do the job. 

Head into the new year with a lower electrical bill and more electrical power in your home by making these three small electrical repair changes. If you would like to learn more about how you can take better care of your electrical needs, contact an electrician or electrical services company, like AAA Home Services, near you!