How To Save Money On Your HVAC Bills

Heating and air conditioning can be your biggest monthly bills. They could be greater than your cable, Internet, water, and other utilities combined. Central air conditioning systems use a lot of energy because they cool and remove moisture from the air. Not only that, large fans are used to force this air through the ducts so that it can actually reach every square inch of the interior.

This is a tremendous workload for even the most efficient and modern air conditioning systems. It's understandable that homeowners are trying to do whatever they can to reduce their high utility bills during the hottest summer months. Here are three smart ways to reduce your AC consumption and save money. 

New Registers

Investing in new, modern air registers can be extremely beneficial if you have all the registers they have never been replaced. Many homeowners have old registers that are rusty, bent, and partly blocked by dust and dirt buildup. This blockage is hard to see unless you actually take the registers off of the wall. This will slow down airflow and prevent cold air from reaching all of your interior spaces.

So, a typical air register cost less than $15, so you can probably replace every fixture in your home for less than $200. It is also helpful if you replace your registers with modern vinyl products that don't rust.

Weatherproof Your Windows

Another great way to reduce your air conditioning expenses is to weatherproof the most vulnerable windows in your home. There is probably one side of your house that heats up more significantly than the other. This is usually the side that receives the early morning sun. These windows can experience a lot of solar heat transfer, especially in the morning, meaning that your home is going to get warmer on that side early in the day.

So, it might be extremely helpful if you add a tinted window film to the glass. You can also replace the weatherstripping on movable fixtures to make sure they are airtight when they are closed. The cost of this project is minimal, but it is worthwhile. New weatherstripping, window films, and new registers can greatly reduce your reliance on running your air conditioner.

Making these tiny investments is all about reducing the operational costs of your AC system in the future. After just a couple of years, these projects will have paid for themselves. For more information, contact your local HVAC technicians.