Four Ways To Keep Cool Until Your Air Conditioner Is Repaired

The summer may be winding down, but until October starts, there may still be several hot and sticky days ahead. You need your air conditioner, but it seems to have died or it is not working right at all. Unfortunately, this is the time of year when HVAC technicians are extremely busy. If the technicians in your area are unable to squeeze you in for a day or two, here are some ways to keep cool.


Wading pools filled with ice, ice bucket challenges (if that is still a thing), backyard pools, public pools, and fitness center pools can all provide comfort. Get the water as cold as possible or find a pool where the water is just tepid. Sit or float in the water a good hour, if you can tolerate it. It will lower your body temperature just enough that you  will be comfortable for another hour or so. Otherwise, check into a hotel with a pool.

Check into a Hotel with a Pool

If the heat and humidity are especially bad while you wait for the HVAC technician, check into a hotel that has a pool. The hotel has air conditioning, and the pool is always a plus. Just think of it as a "staycation." You might enjoy the night away from home, even if you are just a couple miles away.

Freeze Damp Towels and Pillows

It is wet and a little messy, but much more comfortable that trying to sleep in hot uncomfortable weather and sweating like crazy. What you do is you lightly mist towels and bed pillows with water. Put them in a chest freezer  or top freezer and make sure they are flat. Do this about two hours before bed, and then remove the pillows towels. The slightly frozen pillows will cool your neck and head. The frozen towels become your "blankets." Just as you are about to fall asleep, throw the "melted" towels into a basket. Wash and repeat the next night, if you need to.

Very Cold Showers

Every time the heat gets to you, take a freezing cold shower- no hot water at all. When your teeth chatter, or when you have had enough, climb out. Take one of these freezing cold showers before bed, making sure that you stick your head under the cold water for a few minutes. You should be comfortable enough now to relax and fall asleep.

Contact a service, like Apparatus Air Conditioning & Heating , for more help.