5 Furnace Repairs To Tackle This Summer

When you're busy keeping your home cool and comfortable in the face of sweltering temperatures, heating repair services are usually the last thing on your mind. But the dog days of summer are actually a perfect time to catch up on some well-needed maintenance and upkeep for your furnace. If your furnace needs a major repair, now is the time to have a seasoned technician get it done before cooler temperatures creep back into the picture. Here are a few repairs you can take care of this summer.

1. Dirty Gas Burners

While the air filter catches the brunt of the dust, dirt and contamination entering your furnace, the gas burner is no stranger to filth. Gas burners can accumulate dirt, grime and soot during operation. Too much grime can prevent the burner from igniting and burning fuel properly.

Clean gas burners are a must for generating good heat. During your summertime service call, your HVAC technician can remove the burner and give it a good professional cleaning, ensuring that you'll have strong, reliable heat when you need your furnace again.

2. Malfunctioning Igniter

Most modern furnaces have done away with the traditional pilot light in favor of the electronic igniter. Like any other furnace part, however, igniters can fail for a variety of reasons. Instead of putting off a replacement until winter weather closes in, you can take this opportunity to have your igniter replaced so your furnace will be ready to rock once winter arrives.

3. Broken Heating Elements

Broken heating elements are the bane of the electric furnace. No heating element means no heat, so it only makes sense to have this critical component replaced as soon as possible. A seasoned HVAC technician can replace this part with little difficulty.

4. Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring isn't just a problem for your furnace – it can also be a serious fire and electrocution hazard. Melted, frayed or corroded wiring can not only prevent your furnace from working properly, but it can also cause components to catch fire or shock unsuspecting users. Even if you're not using your furnace this summer, the potential dangers remain. The sooner you call your technician to tackle this repair, the better.

5. Short Cycling

A furnace that cycles on and off frequently is definitely a problem worth fixing regardless of the time of year. Short cycling can be caused by a variety of problems so it might take a while for your HVAC technician to thoroughly diagnose your furnace. By having your furnace checked and repaired during the summer, you and your technician will have plenty of breathing room