Toilets Running Constantly In Your Business? A Flawed Flapper May Be To Blame

A business' toilets need to be in great shape to serve both their customers and employees. However, heavy use may cause problems that make one or more of your toilets continually run after they are flushed. In some situations, a simple issue with the flapper may be to blame. Can you fix this problem on your own or do you need a professional plumber to help?

How a Simple Flapper Problem May Cost You Money

The flapper on a toilet helps to seal the tank after the water has filled the back and stops it from continually running. If it sticks or fails to work, the toilet will continue to run and cause problems. For example, water may flow from the back and cause damage that is unappealing to both your customers and employees -- and your water bill may sharply increase due to all the wasted water.

The nice thing about flapper issues is that they are usually quite small and don't take a lot of fixing to repair. However, diagnosing these issues will take a little work, particularly if you're not used to working with toilets. Therefore, it is important to understand DIY repairs to ensure that you do them right without adding even more to your wasted water cost.

Can DIY Fixes Help?

If your toilet is running and you think the flapper is to blame, you should take a look at it and try adjusting the handle a few times until the water runs more smoothly in your toilet. Take the top right off the back and tweak the handle until the flapper sits. Pay attention to what happens as the toilet fills.

If the flapper sticks when the water rises, you need to find out where the problem is occurring. Maybe the flapper's lip holds onto the side of the toilet and struggles to return. Or maybe the flapper's hinge is broken and forces it to fall back down after the water has filled all the way up.

Whatever the cause, you may be able to fix the problem if you know how to replace the flapper. This situation is one that many business owners should be able to do on their own. However, if you find that replacing the flapper doesn't cause your toilets to stop their excessive running, it is likely time to call a commercial plumber.

These professionals are particularly essential if you find that multiple toilets in your facility continually run and you can't get them under control. Unfortunately, too many business owners run into this situation because their toilets all wear down at the same time and they need to take extra steps to ensure that nothing goes wrong with their plumbing situation.