Problems Your Home’s Furnace May Experience

A furnace is one of the most efficient options available when it comes to warming your home. Due to the fact that these systems may go for years without experiencing considerable problems, it can be easy for homeowners to fail to be prepared for the types of issues that can impact their home's furnace.

Torn Air Filters

The air filters for the furnace will remove dust and other airborne impurities before they can enter the system. If these substances are able to get inside the furnace, they can create problems by reducing airflow and jamming mechanical components. Unfortunately, it is possible for the air filters to actually tear, and this can allow these substances to enter the furnace. While you can avoid this by simply changing the air filters on a regular basis, you will need to hire a professional once this has occurred. These individuals will be able to take apart the furnace so that the interior can be thoroughly cleaned.

Corroded Burners

If your furnace uses oil or gas to produce heat, the burners will be another critical part of the system that you will need to maintain. It can be common for these components to become corroded. While homeowners can be guilty of underestimating this problem, it can actually pose a significant threat. For example, the corrosion can make the burner more brittle. If corrosion spreads on the burner, there is a chance that fuel could leak out. If your burner has started to corrode, replacing it can be an affordable repair that will address this problem for years.

Faulty Connection To The Thermostat

The furnace will be controlled by a thermostat that will send a signal to the furnace as to when it should start or stop running. Unfortunately, the connection between the thermostat and the furnace can actually become disrupted. This may prevent the thermostat from successfully sending a signal to the furnace to either start or stop.

Due to the fact that repairing this will require you to work with the furnace's wiring, it can be dangerous to attempt to repair this on your own. Furthermore, you may struggle to effectively identify the wiring that is causing the connection problem for the system. However, a professional furnace repair service will have the tools needed to effectively determine whether this connection is causing the problems you are observing, and they will be able to repair this problem in a matter of minutes.

For more information about furnace repair services, contact a local HVAC contractor.