Should You Buy A Used Electric Heating System?

If you are on the search for a good heating solution for your home, you may be attracted to a system that is available at a lower price because it is used. While buying a used furnace, heat pump, or another type of heating system is not necessarily a bad thing, you do have to be mindful of a few pointers. Overall, working with a good heating contractor who can offer advice about the system will help ensure you get the right system for your home. Take a look at s a few reminders to consider as you examine used electric heating systems for sale for your home. 

1. How many years was the system in use?

The general lifespan of an electric heating system can vary depending on the type of system. The typical life expectancy tends to be between 12 and 15 years depending on the volume of use and environment. If you find a unit that was in use for several years, you may want to examine other options. 

2. Was the system properly serviced while in use?

System maintenance can make all the difference in the lifespan of any electric heating system. Even though electric-fueled systems don't really require much, the periodic checkup and cleaning with the help of a heating contractor are important. Before making an offer on a used unit, ask the owner about maintenance documentation from the prior years of use. 

3. What brand is the heating system?

Who made the electric heating system can have a lot of influence on: 

  • The quality of the system 
  • Whether the system is still under warranty or if the warranty can be transferred 
  • If parts are still available for the unit

For example, something like a Trane or Goodman, two good HVAC system brands, will likely be easier to service and find parts for when replacements are necessary. If you ever need advice about any specific brand, be sure to talk to a heating contractor for insight. 

4. Is the heating system a suitable size for your home?

Buying a heating system that is not the right size for your home can lead to issues with lacking performance and overtaxing of the system, not to mention you could face higher heating bills than usual. Before picking up a used system, invite a heating contractor to your home for an estimate for installation. The professional can let you know what size the heating system needs to be to adequately heat your house.