3 Common Problems With A Furnace Blower System And The Likely Causes

The furnace is responsible for generating heat, but the blower system is responsible for distributing the heat throughout your home. Therefore, if the blower system of the furnace stops functioning, it can render a good furnace pretty much useless because the generated heat will never get where it needs to be. Of all of the HVAC complaints residential customers call a furnace repair company to help with, blower problems are one of the most common. Read More 

Air Conditioner In Your Garage Conversion: What To Consider

Many homeowners opt to convert a garage into a living space. If you are thinking of doing this, you need to first figure out how to control the temperature. Consider which type of air conditioner installation option will be best for you. Here are some things to think about. Check Your Insulation Before you start your conversion, you have to make sure the garage is properly insulated. Not every garage will have the type of insulation needed to convert it to a room. Read More 

Steps To Repair Your Malfunctioning Air Conditioner

At some point, you will encounter an air conditioning system that is simply failing to work correctly. When this problem occurs on a hot summer day, it can send homeowners into a panic, but there are actually some simple steps that will allow for this problem to be addressed. Check For Obstructions The first thing you should do is to check the air conditioning system's intake vents for obstructions. When debris or objects block the flow of air into the unit, it can impact the unit enough to almost completely stop the flow of air into the home. Read More 

Toilets Running Constantly In Your Business? A Flawed Flapper May Be To Blame

A business' toilets need to be in great shape to serve both their customers and employees. However, heavy use may cause problems that make one or more of your toilets continually run after they are flushed. In some situations, a simple issue with the flapper may be to blame. Can you fix this problem on your own or do you need a professional plumber to help? How a Simple Flapper Problem May Cost You Money Read More 

Tips For Using A Furnace During Extreme Cold Weather

Conventional furnaces are not designed for extremely cold temperatures. Thus, your furnace's efficiency might suffer when the temperatures go below zero. The following tips can help you enjoy efficient heating under such temperatures.  Keep Consistent Temperatures It is easier for the furnace to maintain a certain temperature than to raise the temperature to a certain level. Therefore, don't fiddle with your thermostat settings when the temperatures are extremely low. Ideally, you should set your target temperature when the cold season commences and leave it there for the duration of the cold season. Read More