Scheduling a Maintenance Inspection

How to Combat the Most Common Health Worries Associated with Air Conditioning

While it seems impossible to go even a second without it on a sweltering day, air conditioning can cause some health concerns, especially if you are constantly in an air conditioned building with the air on full blast. The best way to prevent health problems associated with air conditioning, is to have your unit serviced and repaired regularly. Most technicians recommend having your unit serviced annually. You should also change a few of your habits while you're running your air conditioner in order to eliminate the threat of health issues. Read More 

Bleeding A Radiator

Clearing the valve in the radiator and getting rid of trapped air is the best way to get the hot water radiator functioning properly. If you experience any problems with the heating process, you should try to bleed it out as this will help in improving the performance of the radiators. Continue reading to learn just how to bleed the radiator: Turn On the Radiator to Heat it Up It is important to heat the radiator before the bleeding process starts. Read More 

Is A Heat Pump Right For Your Home?

Heat pumps have become increasingly popular within the residential heating industry. This is due largely in part to the energy efficiency which these home heating systems are able to offer. However, before you run out and purchase a heat pump for your home, you should know that like all heating systems, heat pumps come with both their pros and cons. Taking the time to review both the good and bad features discussed below will allow you to make a truly informed decision regarding the installation of a heat pump in your home. Read More 

Should I Call The Plumber?

Pipes and drains are like the veins for your home. Often times, we don't realize how much we rely on them until they stop working. When that happens, you might be wondering if it's better to try to fix the problem yourself or call the plumber: You Should Call Your Plumber If: The Toilet Is Clogged While a plunger might do for small jobs, it is likely that there is a bigger issue. Read More 

Protecting Your Investment: Saving Your Commercial Greenhouse Plants During A Winter Power Outage

If your dream is to run a commercial greenhouse business in a climate prone to winter storms, you will soon know what long, sleepless winter nights are all about. When the the power goes out and the heat shuts off, emergency heating is vital to save your crops. Having an emergency heating plan in place will give you the peace of mind you need. Forced Air Heaters The most commonly used emergency heaters for greenhouses are portable forced air heaters. Read More