Scheduling a Maintenance Inspection

Five Ways to Keep Your Oil Bill Manageable This Winter

Heating your home with oil may not be as cost effective as heating with natural gas, but there are still plenty of ways you can keep costs down. Here are some ideas to help you conserve oil and keep your oil bill in check this winter. Have your furnace tuned up If your furnace's motor is not running efficiently or if it has a dirty burn chamber, it may be burning more oil than necessary. Read More 

Simple Fixes to Ensure Your Room Cools Effectively

If you own an air-conditioning unit, and you have discovered it is not emitting cool air to the level you desire, you will most likely want to take the necessary steps in finding out the reasoning for this occurrence. An air conditioner that is not cooling your home effectively will need to be checked over to eradicate the problem. Here are some spots you can check in determining why your unit is not working as it should. Read More 

Gas Furnace Slow to Come On? It Might Be Your Cold-Air Return Ducts

If your gas furnace doesn't come on right away or at all, even after you adjust the thermostat, you may think that the appliance is too old and needs to be replaced. Sometimes furnaces experience problems if the cold-air return ducts in your home clog up with dust. The ducts allow cold air to leave the home and circulate back to your furnace. If the furnace doesn't receive cold air from the furnace, it might not know exactly when to cycle on and off. Read More 

Basic Tips For Improving Your Water Heater’s Performance

A home's water heater is often the most energy intensive plumbing appliance in the house. Not surprisingly, budget-conscious homeowners may want to know simple ways that they can improve the performance of their water heater so that they can lower their overall energy expenses. Have The Water Heater Professionally Insulated You are likely aware of the benefits of having a well-insulated home, but you might be overlooking the benefits that insulation can provide your water heater. Read More 

Three Ways To Save On Your Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

In certain parts of the country, the transition into the fall season doesn't necessarily mean cooler temperatures. A number of people still need to beat the heat with their air conditioning. If you're in this group, finding a way to stay cool without paying high energy cost is key. Here are a handful of tips to assist you with accomplishing this. Check Your Ceiling Fans You can reduce your dependence on your air conditioning unit by checking the direction of your ceiling fans. Read More