Basic Tips For Improving Your Water Heater’s Performance

A home's water heater is often the most energy intensive plumbing appliance in the house. Not surprisingly, budget-conscious homeowners may want to know simple ways that they can improve the performance of their water heater so that they can lower their overall energy expenses. Have The Water Heater Professionally Insulated You are likely aware of the benefits of having a well-insulated home, but you might be overlooking the benefits that insulation can provide your water heater. Read More 

Three Ways To Save On Your Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

In certain parts of the country, the transition into the fall season doesn't necessarily mean cooler temperatures. A number of people still need to beat the heat with their air conditioning. If you're in this group, finding a way to stay cool without paying high energy cost is key. Here are a handful of tips to assist you with accomplishing this. Check Your Ceiling Fans You can reduce your dependence on your air conditioning unit by checking the direction of your ceiling fans. Read More 

Tips For Maximizing Your Radiant Floor Installation During Home Construction

If your home construction project has reached the heating system selection stage, you may find yourself considering radiant floor heating instead of a furnace. Installing the system isn't complicated, but that doesn't mean that there aren't some risks of problems. Before you actually have the system installed, it's beneficial to understand the potential problem areas of the construction and installation phase. Here are a few of the things you should watch for during construction to ensure that you're getting the most from your radiant floor heat. Read More 

What You Need To Do If Cold Air Isn’t Coming From Your AC Unit

Do you know what to do if your air conditioner suddenly stops blowing cold air? You can call a 24 hour air conditioning repair service to have the problem fixed or you can try to fix the problem yourself. One of the common reasons that an air conditioner stops blowing cold air is because the condenser is dirty. This is a simple fix, so before you call a repair company, see if cleaning the unit fixes your problem. Read More 

3 Ways A Digital Multi-Meter Can Help You Diagnose A Non-Functioning AC Condensing Unit

The condensing unit in a central air conditioning system is where the cooling process begins once the thermostat is dialed down. A compressor is kicked into action and produces a gas refrigerant required to fuel the entire cooling process. Problems in the initial stages of condensing unit function can thwart your entire system and leave you with warm, uncomfortable air inside your home. There are a number of parts inside the condensing unit that can go bad. Read More