Troubleshooting A Faulty AC Fan

Without a fan, your central air conditioner is unable to function at all. The unit may still pop on, but there will be no cool air flowing from the vents. Fortunately, there are only a few issues that commonly affect the fan so you may be able to troubleshoot the problem on your own. Worn Belt Most older and some newer AC units are belt-driven, which means that there is a belt instead of gears that runs the fan from the motor. Read More 

Tips for Proper Furnace Maintenance

The care that you give your furnace will show up eventually. It's better that you breathe a sigh of relief in the wintertime knowing that you cared for the furnace effectively, rather than dreading the season because you failed to put the work in. To this end, you owe it to yourself to get furnace work whenever you need it.  Follow the points in this article to make sure that your home stays warm throughout the season. Read More 

Cool New Technology For Your Home-Heating Furnace

The HVAC industry sees a lot of advancements thanks to new technology just like most industries, but this is something a lot of homeowners don't know. The fact that many furnaces can last for years without having to get repairs or a replacement means many homeowners simply do not keep up with technology news and how that has affected advancements with equipment. Take a look at two cool new technological features of modern furnaces you might want to install. Read More